After selling classical LPs for twenty years in Bristol,
Adam Czarnowski sold up his part of his business, sold his house,
bought some cameras and started travelling round the world, writing and taking pictures.


Starting with reviews of classical concerts and his own pictures of internationally renowned musicians performing and rehearsing in Provence and intimate portraits of the Greek islands of Paros & Crete during winter and summer: Czarnography aims to create a deep and lasting portrait of world culture in a period of both intense change and great richness.

Winter and Summer in Paros: starving cats feeding in dustbins, glamour and dilapidation, rustic charm and crass tourism, boat trips, a trip with local fishermen in January, diversity celebrated and analysed.

The look of wonder on the face of a child, the inexpressive facade of a whitewashed house with the statutory blue door and gate, a pianist's rapt expression, a celebration of boredom, near-starvation, ecstasy, disbelief and misery. The human condition in a nutshell, caught on the wing through a lens and made sense of in words and images. A blog to savour and dip into regularly and, perhaps, to share with others.